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Announcing the Safe Haven 2.0 Spawn Build Event!

It's been great having our current 2.0 spawn all this time but staff feels it's time for a change. Here is your chance to create the next spawn in the 2.0 world.

Shamoonius For those interested in building please make sure to thoroughly read the requirements and the "theme" of the b ...

SafeHaven Donations

Shamoonius posted Oct 14, 14

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank all the people that have generously donated to the SafeHaven Gaming Server.  It takes a lot of resources to maintain an active website and a kickass server and every penny donated or every hour volunteered help to make and keep SafeHaven part of the elite of multiplayer servers.

So keep the donations rolling in, keep making those awesome youtube vids of your town, and keep being active in all the great activities and sometimes disturbing conversations that make SafeHaven so great.

Your Uber King...Shamoonius

Rieka Thank's for running a great server gais! <3
Nickolas21 Your welcome sham and the staff of safehaven

Ever get De' Ja' Vous?

Drumming102 a posted Oct 10, 14
Everyone please congratulate Outlawgirl. She has been promoted to our Social Administrator. She will be helping out in all the day to day things on the server (Like she has for years) so..... basically she gets a shiny new title. Enjoy it!
Rieka Congrats Outlaw!
Camtire Congratulations Outlaw You're one step closer to taking over the world. ...
christianbs Congratulations on getting a differently-coloured name. You must be so proud of this great achievement.

Safehaven Survival has NEW 1.8 BLOCKS!

bmckalip a
bmckalip @ Safehaven
posted Sep 29, 14
The SHG staff are excited to announce that, despite the lack of a fully featured 1.8 server, we were able to implement some of the major blocks from 1.8 including the new stone blocks and prismarine shards/ blocks. you can buy them in the mall from spawn in the upper orange line shop! go check it out!

Drumming102 a 1.8 Terrain generation is currently not patch able to make work. For the time being the only way to get the new blocks a ...
christianbs Thank you! It's nice to have new blocks to play around with! I'm curious, though; will the new pits be 1.8 worlds? If no ...

Howdy gang

Drumming102 a posted Sep 25, 14

Hey gang It's time for an update on what's a happening.

First off 1.8 (WOOHOO). We have compatibility with 1.8 on the main network so that 1.8 clients can connect in but there are NO 1.8 features yet. (More on this later)

We DO, however, have a 1.8 vanilla server spun up at . It is white listed and all builder and up should have access to it. It is STOCK vanilla but all SH rules apply over there.

Let me be the first to welcome our new Microsoft overlords, may their reign be swift and fair. I kid. I kid. But YES Mojang was bought by Microsoft. What does this mean for minecraft? In the short term Nothing really. In the long term  who knows. This acquisition does not make me concerned as with MC being the huge massively profitable thing it is Microsoft won't jump right on in and make that player base mad by changing a bunch of things. This might even help Mojang by giving them more resources and help (a good PR team should be the first step).

Next let's have a moment of silence because Bukkit is kind of.....err.......dead.

A few weeks back there started some copyright/licensing talks between Mojang and Bukkit. It is a huge dramatic story that I'll be glad to talk to you about on a 1 on 1 basis but too long for this post. In the end one of the project leads presented a valid DMCA notice which forced the removal of ALL Bukkit  and Spigot stuff and made it Illegal to distribute it. We grabbed a copy just in time (the version which gives us 1.8 compatibility). Where does this leave the 1.8 full update? At this time there is no update in site. I have reached out to quite a few people as there are projects being worked on that get around this snag. There are no ETA's on them though. We are waiting like everyone else.

We will be doing a Town hall style meeting on TS3 sometime soon to all get together and talk and give you guys a chance to ask questions if anything is confusing (We will also sneak in a few rounds of war too). I'll post up when that meeting will be.

Until then let me know if you have any questions guys.



wrong Wait, does this whole Bukkit thing have anything to do with Microsoft buying Mojang or no?
Lord Artimus Thanks for the update Drum. Being patient till we get more news. Something will likely come about soon. Mojang/micros ...
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